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Nebraska Code Camp 3

This year at Nebraska Code Camp for the first time there was an extra day of hands-on labs. I signed up for Advanced Machine Learning and a Single Page App (SPA) lab that was cancelled at the last minute, so instead I crashed Adam Grocholski's Windows 8 lab where we had a lot of fun just playing around.

I'm really proud to work for Five Nines Technology Group who was a Platinum Sponsor this year - we are really excited about the programming community here in Nebraska and enjoy contributing to its vibrancy.


Machine Learning Notes

My favorite part of labs are always the great resources for continued learning I get from the instructors. I took the machine learning lab because it was out of my comfort zone, but it is something that I find could be quite useful. For instance, a potential customer recently asked us to write an algorithm that compared athletes across the nation and rank them by some test results.

So, here are the resources Luke Amdor shared with us:

Some of the topics he covered were:


Windows 8 Notes

This was a full-day lab, but I only caught the last half. The first half they did some hands-on labs at MSDN; here are some example labs you can do.

We took a look at many of the Azure offerings and talked about differences between mobile services and cloud services and networking and active directory. I totally encourage you to sign up for a free 90-day trial!

We also had a lot of fun with game programming. Adam's favorite is TouchDevelop - a really cool game and app programming tool that is free and lets you share code snips.