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How to Customize the Available Work Items Query in Visual Studio Team Explorer

In Team Explorer’s Work tool, there is a section for Available Work Items that shows all the user stories, tasks, and bugs that are active and not being worked on. The default query may be overwhelmed by stories or tasks that aren’t development related. You can change the query to just show your user stories.



1. Make sure the project is set to your intended project.

2. Set the query to Current Iteration, then click the Open Query link

3. Click on the Edit Query


1. Delete the state = Resolved line

2. Add a new line for Area Path Not Under Project Admin

3. Save this query and give it a name.


1. Use the drop down in available work items to select your query.

2. See the items assigned just to you below.

Outlook Email Rules Configuration

The code review process generates a lot of emails, so you may want to setup an Outlook rule to help manage them.


Create a rule as above that sends anything from your TFS email address with Code review in the subject to a special code review folder.

Inside the folder, you can rt-click on the grid header and add Subject into the columns, then sort by Subject and check Show In Groups.