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Disc Golf App’s Base Stories

We’ve created 20 user stories for our Disc Golf App, some of which will need to be broken down into smaller stories.

We’ve agreed that the solution should be a mobile website instead of an app. I need to do another post to justify this more, but in a nutshell: app stores take 30% of what you make and cost $100/year to keep open, and a large percentage of the proceeds go to a small percentage of very successful developers, and developing once and working everywhere is sometimes possible with tools like Phonegap, but maybe you should just learn objective C, etc.

We’re working on Iteration 0, which includes loading the product backlog, deciding on an architecture (Now researching SPA with Breeze, Angular, WebAPI on Azure), and doing some mockups (Balsamiq). I’ve even done a few Lean Canvas plans, which helped me think about the app from different angles.

The duration of Iteration 0 is open-ended at this point, but we’ve agreed to each put in 4 hours/week.

We’ll need to do some prioritizing of the backlog, which we’ve done conversationally, and then point some of it so that we can fill out Iteration 1. We’ll probably time box the iterations, but will need to discuss how long they should be. We’re used to spending about 60-70 hours between us on an iteration, which would be something like 9 weeks at our hobby pace – so maybe we’ll cut that in half and do one iteration per month. We’ll need to figure out our velocity, but having worked together on many projects before, that should be pretty smooth.