Rusty Divine

Live, Love, Learn, Teach


My name is Rusty Divine. I live in Lincoln, NE with my wife and son and work as a software developer primarily on line of business websites. 

A few interesting facts about me:

  • I have a BS in Geology and have been to Antarctica.
  • My middle name is Osmyn (oz-man), hence the domain name.
  • I love to cook - each week we make a menu from our cook books and then cook everything over the weekend for the whole week.
  • My wife Dana and I rescued two greyhounds years ago who we loved and miss. Now we have a cat that we found abandoned in a box on a creek bank who is one of the best cats I've known.

I'm positive, high-energy, friendly, and really want to help people.

For more about me, see LinkedInDelicious, and Twitter.

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