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Do I have to go home? Great office space makes for a great place to work.

How would you like to work here?



No, not for the hotel; at the hotel.

I was reading Peopleware on my lunch break the other day (a book famous for its intellect worker management ideas) and finished the section on office space. After the authors very effectively argued against the ubiquitous open space floor plan of modern office that intellect workers are too often subject to, they offered a hotel layout as one good alternative.

Imagine! Teams of two-to-three workers per room, each with a door that closes and windows that let in natural light; oh, how majestic that would be! No more 6' tall, 6' square, partitioned, ultra uniform, private yet isolating yet noisy cubicles flooded with fluorescent light from above.

*Warbling dreamy music plays in the background as video image blurs gently*

There's wireless internet and everyone has laptops! People can work on their patio/balcony (even smoke while working outside - oh, the depravity!), or take their laptop out to the park bench under the ole' weeping willow.

There is a formal entry and reception area, and professional conference rooms fit for clients to visit. Heck, you can even have a company meeting outside on the veranda!

Bike to work? Well, feel free to shower off in your office and grab a change of clothes out of the dresser. Work out at lunch? No problem! There is an exercise facility on site and a pool, or feel free to take a jog through the park around the corner. And nothing beats the Jacuzzi after making a tough deadline.

Have a toddler? Well, we'll set up one of the suites as a day care if there's enough interest. How about dogs? Ask your office mates; if it's OK with them, then go for it - having a few dogs around reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.

Hungry? Dial 9 for room service; the menu is next to the phone. You can also bring your laundry and have it waiting for you when you go home. Or bring your lunch and store it in the mini fridge in your office and use your microwave to heat it up. Be sure to take advantage of the picnic benches out back!

Speaking of the phones, notice that you can put yours on Do Not Disturb if you need to concentrate. Don't forget to put the Do Not Disturb sign on your door, too!

Need to catch some Z's? We've kept beds in a couple of rooms and you can reserve one using your scheduler, or by dialing the front desk. Just need a break? Try out the pinball and arcade games in the lobby. There's a pool and fousball table there, too.

Feel free to work with your suite mates to personalize your room; there are some supplies in storage if you need extra lamps. If your HVAC unit acts up, just ring the front desk; they'll take care of it.

Need to ask Shelly over in the Monroe suite a question? Try the IM system first; it is a quiet and quick way to converse. You can use it to view each other's desktops too, and use the other collaboration tools. When you really need to get into the same room to work with someone, just reserve on of the spare suites or a conference room if you need more room.

*Warbling dreamy music plays in the background as video image blurs gently*

Whoa...what a great day dream! If I worked at a place like that, I'd be so much more productive than in my isolated cubicle in a noisy open office environment. Well, my lunch is over, time to head back to the cube.

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