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Evaluation Results from my Presentation

I recently presented at Nebraska Code Camp for “An Agile Requirements Gathering Process to get to MVP” and my session evaluations are back!

Getting feed back is something I look forward to because I put a lot of work into what I do and I always am looking to improve.

An improvement I see based on talking with attendees and reviewing the evaluations is that I could have done a better job explaining some of the agile terminology and philosophies that I discussed during the presentation so that attendees less familiar with it would have had an easier time following along.

Based on 8 evaluations, out of I would estimate 30 attendees, here are my average scores on a scale of 1 = Terrible and 5 = Great:

  • Preparation: 4.63
  • Clarity: 4.75
  • Content: 4.5
  • Demos: 4.5
  • Use of Time: 4.75


  • Liked effective real world use. Practical tips usable inf9
  • Overall, great, well prepared presentation. Consider slowing down a little. This did allow for a lot of well facilitated discussion time though!
  • Rusty provided a wonderfully clear process that can be multiplied across numerous organizations and projects. The presentation was easy to follow and understand, especially because of the example he provided. I really enjoyed this presentation!
  • Very useful want to do a user group on this topic
  • More concrete demos would be nice. Also maybe some agile introduction.

Thanks to everyone who came, to those who helped me prepare, and to the attendees who took the time to leave me some feedback.

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