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IT Death Match

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Today, I got a chance to put my money where my mouth is. I work in a small development division at a large consulting company that has a protectionist IT department. IT wants to protect us from everything, especially ourselves, which more often than not results in impeding billable workers from getting billable work done.

In the post linked above, I stated that IT divisions at consulting companies should be avoided whenever necessary. Have a project that needs a website? Don't post it on the company's web server, register a domain at Go Daddy and host it at Webhost4Life.

IT at any company that is not in business to do IT is like a 360 pound swamp creature complete with slime and tentacles that pulls you into the mire anytime you get within 39 feet of where it wallows. Why deal with that mucky mess when you could use a professional IT company like Webhost4Life that will treat you like a customer (not a hostage, intruder, villain, miscreant) and charge you a mere $10/month? (note: I have no affiliation with the linked professional IT companies, just direct experience with them.)

So, today I get a call from my customer. She has sent a link to the project website that is still on our internal web server to the reviewers, but the site has stopped serving all pages. Last week, we had set up an account at Webhost4Life to host the website on, but the FTP access wasn't working and I needed them to set up MS Index Server.

Let the death match begin! IT Swamp Thing vs. IT Pros

I called up our internal help desk, which goes by the acronym TAC (Total Assistance Center - ha!) to get the ball rolling there. The dude I talked to had never heard of an .aspx page - Bong! One point to IT Pro. After I told him that the customer was calling and was unhappy, he actually told me he was going to assign the issue the lowest priority - Bong! Two points for IT Pro! But I persuaded him to increase it one level, which insured I would get a call back the same day.

Meanwhile, I had opened up an on line help session and was typing questions to Marina over at Webhost4Life to get the FTP problem cleared up and the Index Server configured. She couldn't get the FTP site to work with Filezilla, Bong! One point for IT Swamp Thing, but did set it up so that it would work through IE. Next, I sent here the setup configuration for the Index server, but she had me browse to a web page to enter a help ticket instead, and gave me an indefinite, "Someone will get back to you" answer Bong! One point for Swampy.

By the time I left work, both ITs were still tied two-to-two. Even with similar results from both help desks, going with IT Pro is still my best choice because they:

  1. Let me have a website that I can FTP into (IT Slime prohibits this)
  2. Monitor the websites 24/7 and have disaster recovery plans
  3. Let me build a .Net page that can upload any file type (IT Stinky prohibits anything Outlook wouldn't approve of)
  4. And treats me like a customer, not a renegade script monkey.
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