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My good buddy K-Dog taught me a lot about consulting, but most of it was bad habbits! No one was better at working 10-3 with a 2 hour lunch than the Dog. He was a lot like The Kramer of Consulting, except a very bald version.
K-Dog always had a insightful quip, or an interesting opinion to share, which is where IWAH comes from; an acronym for I'm "Working" At Home today - with Working emphasized with a sleazy wink. Someone has gone IWAH when they call in to the office to say that they can't make it in, but to call them at home because they're working there today *nudge, nudge, say no more*.
I went IWAH once last week, but I was proud of myself for being about as productive as I am in the office. My excuse? My truck was in the shop; and when I picked it up, the Blue Angels were flying over the city so the Interstate was closed down because slack-jawed rubbernecks would be causing enormous pileups if the city didn't keep them off the roads. I cheated though because I left my house and went downtown to a meeting with a client - I can't swear that I would have been as productive if I had stayed at home all day.
What is it about being home that makes it so hard to concentrate on work? For me, it's the dogs, the bed, and the fridge (daytime TV sux). Being out of the office is great because there are far fewer interruptions - no phones ringing, no coworkers asking questions or just making noise. Being at home though is too relaxing. Working at home is probably about as bad of an idea as reading in bed, both mix activities that are meant to be kept separate (although I admit I like reading in bed and don't find it difficult to fall asleep on nights that I don't read in bed).
I think the happy medium would be to work somewhere not home, and not at work, where there aren't any interruptions from noise or motion. A library that had wi-fi and allowed coffee would be perfect. I bet if you infiltrated your local college campus, you could find a good library with all the right long as you could keep your eyes off the college women (or men) with the same.

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