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Kodak EasyShare Z1275

My Kodak EasyShare Z1275came in the mail last week (I bought a refurbished one for $99 from Woot).  It’s a great digital camera, much better than the one I bought 3 years ago.

I’ve never had a digital camera that came with an optical zoom, so I’ve been having lots of fun taking close-ups of my dogs’ noses and flowers coming up in the yard.  The Z1275 has a 5x optical zoom, and another 5x digital zoom on top of that.  When you press the zoom-in button, the telephoto lens extends like Pinnochio’s nose until it reaches its maximum length.  After that, the digital zoom kicks in and you continue to see the image enlarge on your LCD screen.  I like this much better than my old digital camera because on it I could only use the digital zoom after I took the picture and was reviewing it.

The default-take-a-picture mode does a great job of focusing and getting the colors balanced.  There are way too many other modes (like fireworks, image stabilization, fast motion) that generally result in a worse picture than the default mode.  Some of the modes are handy though, like museum mode that turns off the flash and any beeps.

I haven’t installed the software that comes with it; I use Picassa to manage my photo collection.  The camera comes with 64MB of on-board memory, but be sure to pick up an extra memory card or two so that you can take more than ~28 pictures.

I’d recommend this camera to anyone who wants to take it on hikes and sight-seeing and just wants a simple digital camera that takes good pictures and has an optical zoom.

(the hawk picture was taken from inside my house looking at my backyard fence with full optical and digital zoom in use)

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