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Email Bounce: The error that the other server returned was: 550 550, no such user here

"No such user here" - I read that and hear a country song with a steel guitar and a sad southern drawl.

I just switched my hosting provider, but my domain is registered at a different provider.  I forgot to update my MX records so that email to would get routed to the mail servers at the registrar for my domain.

I always have to muddle my way through this process, so here's what I did:

My registrar is GoDaddy (I know, I'm going to change it in a few months):


To Check Your MX Records in the Email Control Center

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. From the Products tab, select Email.
  3. Next to the account you want to change, click Launch. The Email Control Center displays.
  4. Go to the Domains tab.
  5. Select the email account you want to verify MX records for, and then click Server Addresses.
I took the suggested correct settings: 



And logged into discountASP.Net's server and updated my MX records and A Records there (to get the IP address of the A Records, I used c:\ping

The update isn't instantaneous; it will take a few hours to propagate.

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