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Sick or not?

How sick do you have to be before you stay home from work?

I've been on the verge of a coming down with a cold all weekend. As I write this it is Sunday night, I've got a bit of a sore throat, a headache, and the sweats, but I would bet I go in to work tomorrow.

Compared to my own very superficial observations of my coworkers treatment of my dilemma, I would have to say that I am more likely to take a sick day than average. Still, am I sick enough to stay home? Back in my youth, my dear mother would always take my temperature - if it wasn't over 99, and I wasn't vomiting, then I'd have to go to school. Should I use that axiom still?.

On one hand, it makes a sort of sense; its logical and empirical. On the other hand, it doesn't take into account other circumstances, like my coworkers, for one, and my job performance for seconds.

Are you one of those people who stay at work annoying your neighbors with a wet cough or runny nose that you need to blow every few minutes? It's like Chinese water torture waiting for that next sniffle. "For Pete's Sake, Larry, just go home! You're driving us all nuts!"

I admit I've been one of the insufferable sick who plague the office, walking around and touching things with my germy little fingers. All the time believing that I'm not's like Russian Roulette (OK, enough with the slandering of other countries already). Is he loaded? Do you feel lucky today? Well, do ya, punk?

So, when I start feeling ill, I fall into an endless loop of evaluating the pros and cons, but at a near subconscious level. With most of my mind concentrating on the new Simpson's episode, I don't have much processing power to spare calculating whether to go to work tomorrow. At the point that it comes back to the forefront of my thoughts, I realize that if my flu-addled mind is in a state that I can't even decide whether or not its a good idea to go to work tomorrow, then I better stay home because heaven knows what kind of terrible decisions I would make if I did go in.

And I'm generally of the opinion that if I stay home for a day during the onset when I believe (and correct me if I'm wrong here) that I am most contagious, I will actually save the company money by not infecting everyone else.

All that being said, I have two deadlines on Thursday. If my coworkers are reading this, stay away from my cube today...or else.

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