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Time lapse Work Day

Here’s a fun time lapse video of me working in my home office (I’m a full-time telecommuter).

How to make a time lapse video:

This time lapse footage was shot with a Logitech usb webcam and saved to an .avi file with a trial version of HandyAvi.  An image was captured every 4 seconds, then played back at 30 frames per second (which makes about a 4 minute movie from a 9 hour day, but I started around 10 am) and saved to a raw AVI file.  The avi file was then imported into the free Microsoft Windows Movie Maker.  I got the music from aclassical music midi site (but found an .MP3 of the music there that was better than the midi), and dragged that into Movie Maker.  Then I added the opening title screen (really easy in Movie Maker) and published the file by choosing “Save to Web” and selected the option for DSL, which resulted in a handy 8MB .WMV file.  After that, I uploaded the .wmv movie to YouTube and posted it here.

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