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What Happened Now – April 17, 2008

Have you heard of “Jumping the Shark”?  Well, this week two prominent bloggers have teamed up to launch a new website

Welcome to the premier edition of What Happened Now, a technology based webcast.

I’m your host, Osmyn, and today is April 17th, 2008.

Today Jeff Atwood of CodingHorror and Joel Spolsky of Joel on Software announced their partnership on – a wiki/ranking hybrid aiming to provide the best and most current answers to software-related quieres.

Jeff, a west-coast blogger, has been critcal of Joel in the past – accusing him of becoming highly-illogical and having jumped the metaphorical shark after Joel posted a blog about how his company created a proprietary coding language for their flagship product FogBugz.

Critics are skeptical of site’s accompanying weekly podcast covering ongoing development of the application and answering listeners questions sent in as audio clips.

One commenter said, “What a crummy idea.  I hope that you fall flat on your face…you idiot.”  Others are alarmed to hear Joel’s popular discussion boards will be shut down in favor of using the new website.

Next up, Tricia Walsh-Smith has posted a rant the likes of which YoutTube may have never seen before, if that’s possible.

The New York woman is upset that her Broadway Producer-husband is filing for divorce and evicting her from their apartment.

According to the video, there’s a botched pre-nup, an evil step daughter, and a handful of Viagra, condoms, and video porn involved.
Finally, some good news from the popular animated webcomic Homestarrunner – a 3d video game will be released this summer for the Wii and PC.

Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, or SBCG4AP for those in the know, will be available in 5 monthly, downloadable installments starting in June from Telltale games.

One of the plotlines for the game will be to go on a quest in response to a Strongbad email, for example, building a pizza parlor in order to meet girls.

If I didn’t have reason enough to get a wii before, I do now.  I’m Osmyn, and thanks for dropping in on What Happened Now.

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