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One night while laying quietly in the top bunk at a medical testing facility and using a pen light to read the university's course manual, my aspirations to be a mechanical engineer like my half brother came to an end. If it wasn't for Dynamics, which I did finally pass after three attempts, but which I'm sure hexed my soul, I may be a mechanical engineer today.

And thank God I'm not, because I can't write one line of code without breaking the compile! Imagine the masses of innocent lives that would have been snuffed out by my bridges, cat walks, and handrails (in that order, as my career spiraled into oblivion) if I hadn't given up on that fateful night! It may be your life I saved.

So what did I discover in that course book? It actually was about as far away from computers as I could get (unintentionally; I have been a computer hobbyist since before puberty). I read about Geology. Man, after spending years in a stuffy engineering department where some of my professors didn't even have necks, the thought of hiking around mountains, camping, and hitting rocks with a steel hammer really appealed to me.

Maybe it was the Prozac talking; or maybe I was low on blood after the 43rd draw of the day, but switching majors turned out to be one of my better life decisions. I met my future wife in the Geology department and have followed her career to our current rookery in Seattle where we live with our two Greyhounds.

My first job after college; well, the week I spent mucking out a glorified stomach deemed "The Digester" for $7/hr that broke down salad dressing waste water in a sandy slurry of bacteria doesn't count (in fact, I try hard to repress that memory...especially the part about the dead rats..); was at an environmental engineering company. I quickly transitioned into the "Database Guy" role, and later the "ASP Web Guy". After that, I bought about 200 pounds of computer books and have spent evenings and weekends constructing electronic fortresses and exploring new territories.

I've worked at environmental consulting companies ever since, and have specialized in ASP.Net with SQL Server. I wear a lot of hats though, from project management, analysis, development, through completion.

I love working in consulting because every few months I get to start a new project where I learn a client's business process and then work to automate and improve it.

I also enjoy reading, writing and arithmetic (expect dynamic arithmetic) and I look forward to sharing my experiences in the consulting world and learning about your reactions and your world views.

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