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Hello! I'm a friendly software developer living in Lincoln, Nebraska with my wife & son. I've prioritized continual learning throughout my career and have tried to give back to the community through conference presentations, blog posts, and Pluralsight courses. If you are interested in learning more, drop me a line!

Developer, Founder, Mentor.

I love solving problems. I love to write code, improve teams, and lead technical decisions.

I've been fortunate to work with a lot of teams and do a lot of different things in my career and that has given me a great perspective of what works and what does not. I'm interested in working with agile teams where I can help with requirements, architecture, development, and mentoring.


I have 20+ years of experience as a software developer. Most of of my career I've worked on web applications with C#, HTML, & CSS, and the last few years I have been working with React Native and NodeJs. I have learned how to quickly adopt a new technology in my role as a consultant and have completed projects in PHP, Python, Azure, and Google.

C# 100%
JavaScript/NodeJs 100%
Azure 90%
Agile/Scrum 100%
PHP & Python 70%
React Native 80%
SQL/Database 100%


I've been fortunate to work on a lot of teams in a lot of situations. I know from experience good teams value a process that provides structure but gives them the safety to explore, continually improve, and contribute feedback. You can download my complete resume here.


Rusty Divine

A friendly software developer, technology leader, and team builder.

  • Unit Testing Author
  • C# / SQL Server
  • Azure / GCP
  • NodeJs / React Native

Business Owner

Corner Post Software


Training and Software Consulting

Author of four Pluralsight video training courses

Creator of two Slack applications


Bachelor of Science Geology


University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Travelled to Antarctica to study climate change for 1998 field season.

Professional Experience

Software Consultant - Keyhole Software

Feb 2016 - Present

NodeJs, Azure, GCP, SQL, React Native, C#

  • Create software solutions and lead teams for multiple clients
  • Architect and developer for NodeJs backend with Jest unit tests and React Native app
  • Developer for C# .Net Core internal website
  • Team lead for Microservice design, creation, and maintenance

Lead Software Engineer - NRC Health

Jul 2015 - Feb 2016

Managed team of four developers

  • Manager of a developer team and team team lead
  • Responsible for hiring, 1:1 meetings, promotions, team direction
  • Coordinated with other departments to define and prioritize work

Senior Software Developer - Nebraska Department of Transportation

Sep 2013 - July 2015


  • Technical lead for a six-developer team
  • Created C# web applications for the finance department
  • Responsible for business analysis, software development, and unit testing
  • Ask me about why this team was the best Agile team I've been a part of


Mar 2000 - Sep 2013


  • Software developer for various companies
  • Learned and practiced development in my free time, attended conferences, read and wrote blog posts
  • Lived in WA from 2000-2007 then returned to NE where I was raised
  • Download my resume for more details


I enjoy working on side projects because it has been a great way to practice new technologies and scratch my creative itch. Here are the results of a few of those endeavors.

  • All
  • Slack
  • Code
  • Video
  • Fun


I've met and worked with so many wonderful people in my career! Here are a few who appreciated my hard work.


Let me know what I can do for you


Lincoln, NE

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